Our Story


ABM Tech Ltd. from Engelhartszell - our company introduces itself

The company ABM Tech Ltd. was founded in 2013 as a limited liability company.
The name ABM Tech stands for the three managing directors Aschenberger, Bierbaumer and Meisinger.
In the more than 35 years of industry experience of our three founding members in the field of assembly and commissioning, we have already been able to realize many complex systems.

With this acquired knowledge in practice, we are now working for you in the global market and want to build long-term business relationships.

This is us:

Aschenberger Christoph

Aschen­ber­ger Chris­toph

Bierbaumer Robert

Bier­bau­mer Ro­bert

Meisinger Siegfried

Mei­sin­ger Sieg­fried

Our picture gallery - a look at our projects